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Callanish 3d in Stellarium

The best things come to those who wait :)

Image by Alistair Carty @archaeoptics


Today with @archaeoptics and @stellarium I am delighted to help launch Callanish 3d. Head over to to download

and find out all about it!. Follow us Facebook or Twitter It's free and open source though the data itself is released under a license. There are long and complex stories about how this all came about, chance meetings, and saying yes to interesting letters were all a part of it. None of it could have materialized without the patience and financial help from my Aunt, Grace Marion Campbell. Thanks to Alistair Carty, Victor Reijs & Georg Zotti for their time, expertise, and cooperation in bringing you Callanish 3d in Stellarium.

For me it has all been a fascinating journey, that's far from over. My focus though centers on the Blackhouse next to the stones that bought me here. The restoration project took a leap forward this month with it being declared fit for restoration!. HELP THE MAGIC HAPPEN


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